Why You Should Donate Plants

We all know the routine: you find the perfect apartment, move in, and spend the weekend at a furniture store.  You’re almost at the checkout line with your latest coffee table when the maze opens up into a beautiful lush jungle of foliage.  Inspiration strikes, and you snatch up some greenery to complement your new decor.  After all, you can’t go wrong with something that reminds your guests of open spaces AND purifies your air!

Time passes, and maybe you end up with a few more plants.  Then, an exorbitantly priced lease renewal or two later, you’re inevitably packing again.  You box up all you can, but fifty pounds of dirt in various containers probably doesn’t make the cut.

Maybe you toss them down the garbage chute.  Maybe you dump them on the curb and hope someone else picks them up before the trash truck.  But we recycle everything else… so why not plants?

Those plants required resources.  They needed space, water, energy, fertilizers, and pest control at the plant nursery they came from.  Their containers may not be recyclable.  They used up fuel to be transported to the store you bought them from.

After all that, why should they end up taking up space in a landfill before their usefulness is over?  They shouldn’t!  That’s where NYC Plant Swap comes in.

Use our website to find some new-to-you plants, or re-home the ones that no longer have a space in your life.  You will be helping us make NYC a greener place – figuratively AND literally!

Check out the recent listings on our homepage or place your own available plant.


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