About NYC Plant Swap

NYC Plant Swap is my personal quest to turn unwanted plants into a community resource.  Plants require water, energy, fertilizers, pesticides, and fuel to go from the nursery to our homes.  They shouldn’t be tossed down a trash chute.  After all, we re-use and recycle everything else – so why not plants?

We connect individuals and enable them to donate or find plants by posting a listing on our website.  For commercial scale donations, we can also arrange for pickup of unwanted plants at a business location.  Any plants we pick up directly will be temporarily stored with us until they can be donated to a new home.

Our goals for the NYC area are:

– Provide plant enthusiasts with an online community to donate or swap plants at any time of the year, on an online platform specifically tailored to  NYC’s uniquely dynamic setting.
– Prevent living plants from unnecessarily ending up in our landfills.
– Help interested people and community organizations obtain free plants.

In keeping with our environmental principles, our website is hosted on 100% carbon neutral servers.  The software used is mostly open-source and I handle any modifications and development personally, which keeps our operating costs fairly modest.

To find out more about how you can help us check out the “How You Can Help” page.

For press inquiries, please use the form on our “Contact Us” page and list “Press” as the subject.

Thank you to everyone that has shown interest and participated in the quest to make NYC greener!


May 08 2016 Update:  We are SO excited with how our first week went!  We surpassed our goal of 100 new members in the first week, and we’ve even upgraded the hosting to provide a faster user experience.  (Still carbon neutral!)  However, since this is a new project, some bugs are inevitable.  Please don’t hesitate to report any glitches you may encounter on our contact page.  We can’t fix what we don’t know about – so we really appreciate your feedback!

Most importantly, THANK YOU to our users!  This project wouldn’t exist without you.  And of you like our idea, please help us get the word out.  Tell your friends and share our site.  The more the merrier!  You will be helping us make the world a greener place – figuratively AND literally.

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