• Will this always be free?
    – Yes.
  • Why are there ads?
    – Our hosting, domain, and software licensing fees add up… And the ads help us offset those costs.
  • Do you accept monetary donations?
    – We do, but we haven’t set up a process for that yet.  You can use our contact form to get in touch if you’d like to discuss further details.  (And thank you!)
  • Can I post plants for sale?
    – No.  This website is intended only for users to trade or donate plants.
  • How do I set up an account?
    – Go to our REGISTRATION page and fill out your name and email.
  • How do I create a listing?
    – Go to the NEW LISTING page and follow the step by step directions.  After submitting your listing you will receive an e-mail with an access code with which you can edit or delete your listing.
  • How do I edit or delete a listing?
    – Go to the EDIT LISTINGS page and enter your e-mail and access code.  You can choose to have the access code re-sent if you have lost it.
  • How do I get help if nothing on this page answers my questions?
    – Start a new topic in our SUPPORT FORUM or send us a message via our CONTACT PAGE