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Plant Swap 5/20/2018
Time: 10am to 2pm
Location: Union Square Park (by the flag pole in the grass)

My mother pilea has given me too many babies this season and I have decided to do a plant swap at union square. I'm going to camp out with my team of babies pileas and I'm going to swap with people for cuttings of plants I'm interested in or you may have a pilea for 5 dollars. All pileas have been cut from my mother pilea and water propagated. Your pilea will be in a small seeding container with a soil mix of egg shells, worm castings, rice hulls and miracle gro. List of cuttings I'm interested in: watermelon peperomia, fiddle leaf fig, hindu rope plant, oxalis triangularis, string of bananas, or donkey tail.

Please spread the word to your nyc friends! And respond in the comments if your interested so I know whether it's popular enough for my to do this! Thanks