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Plants I have:
15 tomato plants, all are mixed variety from cherry tomatoes to heirlooms
10 pepper plants, all mixed variety from mild to spicy peppers and chillies
10 basil sprouts that will be edible in a few weeks
4 sugar baby watermelon sprouts
1 zucchini plant
Peace Lily cuttings
dahlia tuber cuttings

I grew these from seed and now I have too many plants. These are great for indoor windowsills or outdoor/balcony/fire-escapes.

I would love to trade for both indoor and outdoor plants. I prefer plants/cuttings which have already been rooted as it makes it a bit easier!

Plants I would like:
flower plants,trees,shrubs (roses, hydrangeas, hibiscus)
vine type outdoor plants for hanging baskets (lobelia, begonias, geraniums, licorice vine, lantana, petunias)

Please text if you are interested in trading: 6 *4 * 6 * 9 * 5 * 6* 8* 2 * 3* 7*.