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Hi, I have some extra planters and was wondering if anyone wanted to trade some plants or cuttings for any of them. I have:

*small new cement planter 2.5in tall/3.75in wide

*big plastic planter with drainage tray used and in perfect condition (top diameter 11.5 in/height 9.5 in/diameter tray bottom is 6.75 in)

*white rectangular planter with no drainage. Used and perfect except for two scratches on the back (8in tall/4.5in wide)

*white planter with no drainage. Used but looks new (6in tall/4.5in wide)

I can email more photos and please note, I will update this list as items are taken (blue & pink taken).

Please let me know what you’re interested in and what you’d like to trade for. I’m open to anything other than pothos, aloe, or cactus/Christmas cactus. If you have peperomia, episicia, hoya, snake plants, or pink rubber tree plants/cuttings that would be awesome (but, open to anything)!

In Manhattan near the East Broadway F train. Looking forward to swapping!