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I recently moved from DC to NYC, from a studio to a 3 bedroom, shared apartment. Needless to say, my place is looking bit too crowded. Im looking for non-plant but plant related items or plants that's been on my wishlist for a while.

Looking for:
- Any non-plant, plant related items (pots, plant tools, cactus/regular soil, plant pins and keychains)
- orchids, specifically lady slippers but open to any!
- pothos (not cuttings)

I have:
1) Jade (4 in" pot)
2) aloe brevifolia (4 in" pot) - TRADED
3) haworthia (4 in" pot and 2" pot) - 4" TRADED
4) crassula perforata (2" pot and 3" pot)
5) kalanchoe fangs (5" pot) - TRADED
6) ficus ginseng - TRADED

I couldn't add more photos but happy to email pics to you!!!
Let me know if you have anything that's cool or fun or beautiful and I'm happy to trade!!