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Final update: The plants have all been adopted. Thank you all!

Update: Giveaway at 7pm Friday Sep 28! Please contact me for address, and check back on Wed night for more pictures.

Update: Thanks for making the Monday giveaway a huge success, you guys are awesome! I still have some edibles and larger plants available, please see updated list and pictures.

Hi! I'm looking for people to adopt my balcony full of plants. Please see list below and for complete pictures.

Please note:

- Available for pickup in Astoria most weekday evenings
- Not for resale, either you grow or give to friends
- Nice people get preference
- Plants come with pots and covers pictured
- You also get to take trellises, vases and other gardening supplies along with plants

Full list:

- Akebia Quinata
- Clematis Crispa
- Passion Flower
- Garlic Chives
- Strawberry
- Basil
- Pothos (7-8' tall)
- Philodendron (now smaller than pictured)
- Jungle terrariums