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It's a beautiful cactus, except for the fact that a hanging plant fell on it and one of the offshoots got bent. I immediately treated it by tying a shoelace around it. Because I did that in seconds, there are no signs of rot (the cactus is still very hard) and the cactus seems to be grafting well. However, i'd still recommend having the shoelace around it until it's very clearly grafted and 100% fine.

It's aesthetically not pretty at the moment, but in a month or so, it's a beautiful cactus in a 6" pot from Urban Outfitters (with a drainage hole).

Part of me doesn't want to part with it because i LOVE the pot and the cactus, but I have recently moved into an apartment that simply doesn't give it the light it deserves. In my old apartment, it was sitting right next to a west-facing window on the 9th floor.

Please take this cactus only if you have the light for it. Given that this cactus is ~$60 worth, I want to make sure it is loved! PS - if you have string of hearts, lmk!